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What types of paints do you use?

I only use professional, cosmetic grade face paints made especially for use on skin.  Please always be aware of what face painters are using on your child's skin.  

How do I remove the face paint after the event?

The best method for removing face paint is make up remover - since face paint is make up.  If you don't have any handy, soap and water with a damp cloth will do and some baby oil to remove any residual colour.  

If my child has sensitive skin, can they still get their face painted? 

Every child's skin conditions are unique so I cannot advise you on this, except to say that if your child is prone to allergic reactions,  I would not recommend face painting for your child just to be safe.

How far are you willing to travel for an event? 

I will need to charge an additional $25 travel fee for events outside of a 25km radius of Newmarket, Ontario to cover the cost of fuel and extra travel time. 

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